Benefits of Hazelnut Coffee

“Malaysia white coffee, Enjoy the mellow taste in every sip”

The encounter of Malaysia coffee beans and delicious hazelnut gives a wonderful pleasure on your tongue. We use the best Malaysia coffee beans, and the unique slow process of low temperature baking. Particularly added with the natural fat free milk powder without any artificial additives, joyful time hazelnut white coffee keeps the pure flavour of coffee. No dryness, 0 trans-fat, gentle to the stomach. It gives a rich aromatic last drop.


Well selection, 100% Malaysia imported coffee beans

Strict select the fine Malaysia coffee beans, well choose each whole fragrance bean. Ensure high purity without any impurity, like wheat, corn or other grains. Quickly dissolved in hot water with unique coffee fragrance. The mellow taste of thickness but not greasy brings you freshness and happiness.


  1. Good for the Heart 
  2.  Protecting against cell damage because it is rich in anti-oxidants
  3. Linked With Lower Rates of Cancer
  4. Could Decrease Inflammation
  5. May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels
  6.  Supporting healthy bowel movements 
  7. Improves insulin sensitivity
  8. Beneficial For Controlling the Blood Pressure Level
  9. Good for Pregnant And Lactating Women
  10. Rich Source of Iron
  11. Beneficial For Menstrual Cramps
  12. Plays a Role In Improving The Fertility Levels
  13. Beats Stress and Depression
  14. Improves Immunity Power
  15. Improves the Health Of Nervous System
  16. Beneficial For Joint and Bone Health:
  17. Good for Constipation Troubles
  18. Good Source of Protein
  19. Only a few nuts contain vitamin A, and hazelnuts are among them.
  20. Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant and has cancer-preventing properties
  21. Hazelnuts are a good source of energy with their 60.5% fat content. 
  22. Improving sperm count (Recent research showed that taking more nuts, including hazelnuts, may increase sperm count and improve the sperms’ quality.

We devote our attention on producing quality coffee beans with low temperature baking process to reduce the harsh taste produced during the high temperature roast. Addictive free, no artificial sweeteners or caramel, retains the original natural flavour and mellow flavour of coffee. No trans fat, lower caffeine and heat.

Full of Nutrients Loaded With Antioxidants

Esylife Hazel Nut -Pretoria

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