Advantages of Sanitary Pads


  •  Non-woven fabric surface
  • Strong water absorption capability
  • Environment-friendly resin
  • Air-permeable back sheet
  • individually sealed package
  • Far-infrared fibers to help boost blood circulation;
  • Nano-silver to kill germs;
  • Anion kills bacteria, and inflammation;
  • Remove period pains
  • Remove odour.

Esylife sanitary pads  are 100% natural, additive-free

No chlorine, no fluoresce, no pigment, no formaldehyde, no chemicals fragrance, no harmful additives. Offers comprehensive health care for ladies through pure natural raw materials.

Super absorption, luxury dryness

High- quality water-absorbing agents, 40 times water absorbent capacity, strongly look the flow to prevent any leakage, long lasting dryness removes the humid air which makes your skin clean and breathable.

Extremely thin

Challenging the ultra-thin sanitary pads with only 1mm thickness, makes ladies to forget they are using it. Its specially design in shapes flex to fit the natural curves of ladies body, keeps ladies in free and good mood the whole day long.

Anti-bacteria and odour, accelerate circulation

Far IR and Anion and Nano Silver chips, dispel unpleasant smell, boots partial micro circulation, reduces menstrual discomforts and inhibits bacterial growth, keeps away from infection and gynecological diseases.

Main raw material:

Soft cotton, non-woven fabrics, nano-silver anion core, macromolecule absorbing agents, dust-free paper, ventilate back film.


Have an ingredient that helps with all sexual transmitted diseases and all gynecological problems

They come in different kind colour packs

1) Pads PINK pack

This pack: for people that have normal period (they are made out of 8 layers (but look and feel thin and light)

They extract all the dirt inside and you also feel less blotted

2) Pads Navy pack

This pack of for people that get heavy period (helps normalize the period and also suck out all the dirt from inside the gynecological path

3) Pads Blue pack

For people with serious gynae diseases (smelly private parts, abnormal discharge, period pains)

These pads you can wear even if you are not on your period you can still use it

4) Panty liners orange pack

They have same usage as the blue pads

 Their specialty if for any oozing wound or abscess (put the panty liner over the abscess overnight and cover with the bandage) and it will drain the abscess

Pads – R70 PACK ( there is 10 in a packet)

Panty liners: R 120 ( there is 20 in a pack )


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